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Meet Your Custom Home Builders

Our seasoned team isn't just a collection of builders; they're your trusted guides and collaborators throughout the home building process. We prioritize open communication, ensuring your aspirations and ideas are seamlessly woven into the very fabric of your new home. As your custom home builder and neighbors serving Oklahoma City and Edmond, we understand your local needs. We are well-equipped to transform your visions into stunning realities.


Home Floor Plans

Every masterpiece starts with a blueprint; with Trillium Homes, that blueprint becomes your dream's canvas. We offer diverse floor plans tailored to various lifestyles and preferences. Whether you crave the airy expanse of an open concept, the cozy charm of a cottage sanctuary, or the sleek statement of a modern architectural marvel, our collection provides the perfect starting point in your home building journey. Choose your ideal layout or collaborate with Trillium - your OKC Custom House Builder - to personalize it. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.


Custom Home Design

One of the biggest joys of working with Trillium Homes is our unwavering commitment to customization. We celebrate your unique spirit, and your home should reflect it! Our design team delves deep into your style, functional needs, and aesthetic desires. From material selection to color palettes, every detail harmonizes with your vision. Imagine sun-drenched kitchens that spark culinary creativity, serene bathrooms that rejuvenate, and outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend with your life – we make it all a reality within our collaborative home building process.


New Home Construction

As your trusted custom home builder in Oklahoma City and Edmond, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail that goes into every new home. Our skilled builders and contractors are not just masters of their craft but stewards of your dream. Utilizing high-quality materials and proven construction techniques, they ensure your haven is beautiful and built to last. Every stage of the home construction process, from the solid foundation to the intricate finishing touches, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.


New Home Walk-Through

As your dream home in Oklahoma City or Edmond nears completion, we schedule a comprehensive walk-through, a pivotal moment in the home building journey. This is where you witness the culmination of your vision and provide any final touches before move-in day. Our team is by your side throughout, addressing any questions or concerns and ensuring your complete satisfaction. This walk-through isn't just a handover; it's a celebration of your journey and the realization of your dream.

Finding Your Perfect Place: New House Hunting Made Easy

Are you searching for "new houses near me" in Oklahoma City, Edmond, or the surrounding areas? Trillium Homes is your key to exceptional homes in desirable locations, making the home search phase of the building process simple and exciting. Explore our portfolio of completed projects, each a unique ode to its resident's vision. Or, inquire about upcoming developments to discover your perfect address, nestled in a neighborhood that echoes your lifestyle.

Trillium Homes: Where Dreams Take Shape

At Trillium Homes, we're more than just custom home builders; we're your trusted partners throughout the entire home building process, from initial consultations to the final walk-through. We believe in the power of communication, collaboration, and exceptional craftsmanship, and we're dedicated to creating spaces that house your life and nurture your dreams. If you're searching for a reliable custom home builder in Oklahoma City or Edmond to bring your vision to life, look no further than Trillium Homes. Let's build your haven together.

Let's work together

Let's create a space that's a reflection of who you are with a fully-customized project with ease. 

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